ITSV - Release Notes

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Release info

Name: ITSV-1
Description: ITSV-1 - IP Video phone
Date: 15.01.2019
Status: General Availability (GA)


Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-2202 Custom Background wallpaper not preserved after reboot

Background wallpaper can be changed, but returns back to default ITSV-1 one after reboot. Wallpapers change are now preserved after reboot

SNOW-1110 Automatic cancel of non-responsive calls from remote party

If the phone does not receive RTP packets from remote party for more than 30 sec (default value) call will be dropped automatically.

SNOW-1005 Enable constrained mode on ITSV-1 by default

Constraint mode is enabled by default and locks the device Administration / Security menu (options like WiFi Hotspot, Debug tools, Unauthorized apps installation, Network settings, etc.)

SNOW-1007 ITSV-1 should have shorter (re)Registration interval

Register expiration time is now set to 10 min on all account by default

SNOW-1006 Restrict SSH access to ITSV-1

SSH access is now disabled by default

SNOW-1109 Mandatory change of default password

User now needs to change a default password upon first log in. Default password is alphaadmin.

SNOW-1030 Video preview interrupted after answering the call

A video preview stream is initially started when ITSV-1 is ringing, but once the call is answered stream will be stopped and new one will be started, and in this case video is lost for 4-5 seconds. This is now fixed

Known issues

VSIS-1195 ITSV-1: Station is "On Hold", but display still showing "Talking"

Tested with other SIP clients (e.g. Bria) who display On-hold status correctly


Bugfixes and Improvements

SNOW-444 Increase number of door system clients to 100

A list of devices in Call Settings -> Configure Door system is now increased to 100


New Features

VSIS-1188 Pulse support for new ITSV-1 phone

Implemented software support for new ITSV-1 video touch station. Device will be recognized as Vingtor-Stentofon station in Pulse system. Pulse Group call w/ Answer (meet me) is supported. TCIV H.264 video call in Pulse mode is supported.

Bugfixes and Improvements

SNOW-313 RTSP support for TCIV H.264 stream (AlphaCom)

Added RTSP H.264 support on ITSV-1 to initiate video stream from TCIV in AlphaCom mode