VS-OPC UA for AlphaCom - Release Notes

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Release State: Released
Release Version:
Installation Package: VS-OPC UA for AlphaCom_Setup_V1.0.3.6.msi

VS-OPC UA for AlphaCom

The VS-OPC UA have been improved by

1)  Making VS-OPC UA Server able to connect to the the AlphaCom via a remote connection provided by the AlphaNetServiceProvider.

2) Updating the AlphaOPCConfigurator configuration utility for configuration of the remote connection.

VS-OPC UA for AlphaCom

When the connection from the OPC-server to the AlphaCom fails  and comes back again (either AlphaCom switch off/on, or Ethernet cable unplugged/plugged in again), the OPC-server seems unable to re-establish the link to AlphaCom.

This problem has now been fixed.

Shutdown of OPC-Server in case of no connection to AlphaCom  during startup has been changed.

The server will now constantly try reconnecting to Alphacom until connection is established or the server is manually closed down.

VS-OPC UA for AlphaCom

OPC-UA service does not start automatically A new batch file will install the OPC_UA service as AlphaCom_OPC. The service will run permanently.

VS-OPC UA for AlphaCom

Update COS from the OPC-client

A new station item 'station_cos' has been added. This can be used to set a new COS value for the station.

VS-OPC UA for AlphaCom

MTN-1832: cr_iterate_command & cr_iterate_station does not match station display

The order of the call requests in the queue as held by the OPC-server did not always match the order as shown in the station display. This has now been rectified.

VS-OPC UA for AlphaCom

First release, functionality is the same as VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom_Setup_V6.0.3.2