VS-OPC UA for AlphaCom - Release Notes

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Release State: Released
Release Version:
Installation Package: VS-OPC UA for AlphaCom_Setup_V1.0.3.4.msi

VS-OPC UA for AlphaCom

OPC-UA service does not start automatically A new batch file will install the OPC_UA service as AlphaCom_OPC. The service will run permanently.

VS-OPC UA for AlphaCom

Update COS from the OPC-client

A new station item 'station_cos' has been added. This can be used to set a new COS value for the station.

VS-OPC UA for AlphaCom

MTN-1832: cr_iterate_command & cr_iterate_station does not match station display

The order of the call requests in the queue as held by the OPC-server did not always match the order as shown in the station display. This has now been rectified.

VS-OPC UA for AlphaCom

First release, functionality is the same as VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom_Setup_V6.0.3.2

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