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* Press the button '''Install'''
* Press the button '''Install'''
You need [[licenses|Voice licenses]] to access most of the ASVP messages.
You need [[Licenses#Audio_Messaging_License|Audio Messaging License]] to access most of the ASVP messages.

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The voice language files are APKG packages installable from AlphaWeb. They can only be installed on AMC-IP boards running AMC software version 11.

Uploading english ASVP language package

  • In AlphaWeb go to System Maintenance > System Upgrade
  • Browse to the language file, and select Upload
  • Press the button Install

You need Audio Messaging License to access most of the ASVP messages.


  • It is only possible to install one single ASVP package at a time.
  • If installing a new version of the same package, just install over the old one.
  • If installing a different ASVP package, remove the old ASVP package first.

The language packages are identical to the latest version of the ASVP board EPROM files.

Language packages are named after the ISO_639-1 code for the language:

   chn    Chinese    
   da     Danish
   de     German
   en     English
   fi     Finnish
   fr     French
   it     Italian
   ko     Korean
   no     Norwegian 
   sv     Swedish

Troubleshoting: "tstdb 1 11" on tst.