AlphaCom Package (APKG)

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The AlphaCom Package is an installation package for upgrading the software on an AlphaCom board.
The format is valid from AMC 11 (BSP 22). The APKG format is a generic format handling both main AlphaCom Software components as well as other add-on software components.

Software Packages

Package Files

Package Name (file prefix) First Version Current Version (link) Description
AlphaSystem (alpha_sys) alpha-sys- alpha-sys_13.1.3.10.apkg All AMC releated software including AlphaWeb and Billing
AlphaSupport (bsp) bsp-22.00.apkg bsp_32.3.3.8.apkg Linux system files, libraries, webserver etc. (Board Support Package patch)
ASVP Language Files asvp.{lang}-06.00.apkg asvp-{lang}-06.00.apkg The ASVP Language Files can be installed on black AMC boards (HW version 5 or 6) only.