Auto Attendant and Event trigg on dialing digits

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Feature: Event Trigger on digit dialling and Auto Attendant with DAK activation.
Default directory number: 9545
Feature number: 105
Parameter 1: 0 = The dialed digit is shown in the display

1 = The display is not updated. Display text can be customized by using $DSPL (to indicate ‘left’, ‘up’ etc)

Parameter 2: 0 = No voice message

1 -> 999 Play voice message with given message individ and Message Group 11. Filename "svp_011_001.wav" -> "svp_011_999.wav".

Parameter 3: 0 = No related DAK "sequence" station

1 -> 552 Physical station where DAK sequences to be activate on initiator station are programmed.

Description: This is actually the Event trigg on dialing digits feature, with extensions based on programming param 2 and param 3

Procedure: Dial 9545 + digits. The digits are reported to the Event Handler, event type 25, with subevent equal to the dialed digit (digit = 0 - 9, M-key = 10) The Dual Display navigation keys are reported as sub events 20,21,22 and 23
Auto Attendant
When used as Auto Attendant with related DAK station a digit pressed will cancel the voice message and feature 105.
The DAK sequence number matching the digit dialled (0 = DAK 10) will be activated on the initiator station.
If no digit is pressed the search sequence 1 will be activated after the time out defined (default 5 sec.):

89 &000862 .ex_profile.timeouts.auto_att_search = 50

Autoloaded directory numbers

Dirno DisplayText Feature Parm1 Parm2 Parm3 Description
9545 Digit Event 105 0 0 0 Event trigger without voice menu.
9550 AutoAttendant 105 0 1 500 AutoAttendant with customer voice menu 1 (8181). AutoAttendant "digit" actions must be programmed in DAK table of physical station 500

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