Ela-soft GEMOS - ICX-AlphaCom integration

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GEMOS is the security and building management system from ela-soft GmbH. Integration between GEMOS and ICX or AlphaCom is via the ACDP Simple Link Layer protocol. The following paragraphs give a general description of the capability of the system, for more details please contact ela-soft directly.

ICX/AlphaCom Setup


Serial Ports

Select one of the available ACDP links and program as follows:

  • Port Type: TCP/IP server
  • Link Type: Stentofon Simple Link Layer
  • Broadcast: Enabled
  • Port: Enter a TCP/IP port nr on which GEMOS and ICX/AlphaCom will communicate
  • Keep Alive: Enabled


Select one of the available devices and program as follow:

  • Device Type: Unknown Device
  • Data (ACDP Link): Use the ACDP link as programmed above.


Note: GEMOS is able to handle different nodes in AlphaNet. But for that it's important to activate the "Broadcast event router" in nodes which are not connected directly to GEMOS. Set the broadcast routing to the node which is connected to GEMOS.

  • Select "Logs and Errors"
  • Broadcast event messages to remote node: <node which has GEMOS device e.g. node 1>


If you are using GEMOS in a AlphaNet installation be sure to use a global dialplan!

Web interface

Make certain that the TCP/IP port as selected above is defined and enabled in the 'Filter-page' in the Web interface of the ICX/AlphaCom.


GEMOS implements the following functionality:

  • Setup a call to an intercom staion
  • Cancel the connection
  • Simulation of digit keypresses on a keypad
  • Simulation of M-key opearion (accepting a call, Press To Talk operation)
  • Send a voice message
  • Setup and clear an absence message
  • Call transfer
  • Call Request transfer
  • Make an Alarm Call
  • setup and cancel program distribution
  • Make an All Call/Group Call
  • Set and Reset an RCO

Either at the start of the software or at regular intervals GEMOS makes certain that it and ICX/AlphaCom are synchronised:

  • System time
  • Intercom stations with an absence message
  • Pending call requests
  • Status of RCI's
  • Messages which are sent to stations, but which have not been cleared yet on those stations