Entelec Sky-Walker - ICX-AlphaCom integration

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The Sky-Walker Integration Platform from Entelec is a building management system which also provides an interface to the ICX or AlphaCom system. The interface is based on the ACDP Simple Link Layer Protocol.
ICX/AlphaCom sends status data to SkyWalker. This data is then presented to the operator on the graphical user interface, where the status of intercom stations, RCI's and RCO's is shown. It is also possible to send commands to the ICX/AlphaCom making it possible to set up calls, operate the M-button, for instance for Press-To-Talk operation or set the status of RCO's.

ICX/AlphaCom Configuration

The required settings in ICX/AlphaCom in order to communicate with Entelec Sky-Walker are:

In AlphaPro, go to Exchange & System > Serial Ports, set the following parameters:

  • Select one of the available ACDP links
  • TCP/IP server
  • Enter a Port nr. Port 4500 is used as an example in the Entelec user manual for this integration
  • Set the 'Link Type' to 'Stentofon Simple Link Layer'
  • Enable 'Broadcast'
  • Enable 'Keep Alive'

In the Web interfcae, go to System Configuration > Filters:

  • Define the same TCP port in the firewall (filters), in the Entelec example this is port 4500
  • Enable this TCP port on the relevant Ethernet port (Eth0 or Eth1)

Additional information

Entelec has a manual available which describes this integration in detail:

  • STENTOFON user manual

Please contact Entelec directly for further details on this integration and its availability.