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This article describes how to configure a DAK key on a station to activate a Group Call when the key is pressed, and cancel the group call when the DAK key is released.

Configure the group to use "Automatic M-key"

In AlphaPro, select the Group Call, and enable "Automatic M-key". When enabled, there is no need to press the M-key to open the microphone during the group call:

Enable "Automatic M-key" for group call 85

DAK event

In the Event Handler, the event 30 (Station Input or Station DAK key) is triggered when a DAK Key is pressed.

The following event will activate group call 85 when the DAK key number 3 (= Subevent 3) is pressed, and cancel when the key is released.

In AlphaPro, press Users & Stations button, select a station from the listbox, and press Events. Insert a new event with the following properties:

Station 164 presses DAK 3 to activate grop call 85, and cancel upon release

Action commands:

IF %chg(1,0)
$DD L%1.dir L85
$C L%1.dir 

Note that in the DAK table of station 164, DAK key 3 must be blank.