IP Flush Master DAK-48 Module

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DAK-48 Unit. Item number: 1008010100

The IP DAK-48 unit expands the:

with an additional 48 Direct Access Keys. Up to two DAK-48 units can be connected to one station.

Software and license requirements


  • IP Flush Master (INCA): Version or later
  • IP Flush Master (Turbine): Version or later
  • AMC-IP: Version or later

License: To enable the use of the DAK48 module a license is required:

Regardless if the CRM-V station is using one or two DAK48 modules, only one CRM-V DAK expansion license is required.

Note icon The DAK-48 module is supported in ICX-AlphaCom mode only, not in Edge, Pulse or SIP mode.

Installing the DAK-48 Expansion module

To interconnect the DAK-48 unit to the main unit, use the cable which is coming with the DAK-48 unit. The DAK-48 unit receive its power and data via this cable.

OBS icon A standard patch cable (1:1) must not be used. It might damage the unit!

Installing the IP DAK-48 Unit:

  • Power off the IP Flush Master station by disconnecting the ethernet cable in the LAN port
  • Plug one end of the cable coming with the DAK-48 unit into the RJ45 port on the right hand side of the IP Flush Master station (when the station is viewed from the front).
  • Plug the other end of the cable into the left RJ45 port on the DAK-48 unit (when the unit is viewed from the front).
  • Power up the IP Flush Master station by connecting the ethernet cable to the LAN port

IP Master DAK-48 Unit Installation.PNG

To add a second DAK unit, plug one end of an RJ45-RJ45 cable into the RJ45 port of the installed unit and plug the other end into the RJ45 port of the new unit.

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