IP Flush Master Dimensions & Mounting Instructions

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  Dimensions (WxHxD) Weight
IP Flush Master 125 x 280 x 33 mm 0.63 kg
Master Station Kit 88 x 152 x 20 mm 0.25 kg
Gooseneck Microphone 300 mm (length) 0.09 kg
DAK-48 Unit 125 x 280 x 30 mm 0.65 kg
Handset - IP Flush Master 67 x 280 x 41 mm 0.4 kg

IP Flush Master Station


IP Flush Master - Dimensions


Backboxes for flush mounting and surface mounting are available for the IP Flush Master Station.
Backbox for Flush Mount Station Backbox for Surface Mount Station

IP Master Station Kit

IP Master Station Kit PCB Dimensions

Handset - IP Flush Master Station


Backbox for Handset