Inner Range Integriti - ICX-AlphaCom integration

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Integriti from Inner Range can be integrated with the ICX system or the AlphaCom system. The interface is based on a special integration module which is available from Inner Range.



ICX requires the presence of the appropriate API/OPC license.

  • 1002602306 - ILI-API64 - API License Supporting 64 Stations
  • 1002602309 - ILI-API512 - API License Supporting 512 Stations

With ICX it is possible to purchase a single Product Key which covers all stations connected to all ICX's in a network. ICX licenses can be stacked, i.e. 1x 1002602306 + 2x 1002602309 gives 1088 API licenses which can be used on 2 or more ICXs.


The AlphaCom requires the presence of the appropriate API/OPC license. Note that every AlphaCom in an AlphaNet requires such a license.

  • 1009649901 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 40 Stations
  • 1009649902 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 80 Stations
  • 1009649903 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 160 Stations
  • 1009649904 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 240 Stations
  • 1009649905 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 320 Stations
  • 1009649906 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 400 Stations
  • 1009649907 - STENTOFON API License Supporting 552 Stations

Inner Range

For license requirements from Inner Range, please contact Inner Range directly.

Setup of ICX or AlphaCom

The communication with ICX or AlphaCom is through the API/OPC ports, either 61112 or 61113. Make certain that the selected port has been opened in the 'Filter page' in the Web interface. In an AlphaNet system all ICX/AlphaCom servers must have this same port opened.


The list below is taken from documentation available from Inner Range. For details on these features on how to operate Integriti, please contact Inner Range.

  • Multisite Operation
  • Make Intercom Calls
  • Receive Intercom Calls
  • Terminate Intercom Calls
  • Forward Intercom Calls
  • Place Intercom Calls On Hold
  • Pending Intercom Call Notification (Call Queue)
  • Simulate Button Press on Intercom Point
  • Soft Button Intercom Push-To-Talk
  • Soft Button PA System Push-To-Talk
  • Logging of Intercom Events
  • View Associated CCTV on Intercom Event
  • Trigger Intercom Command on Integriti Event
  • Activate Intercom Door/Relay
  • Control Integriti Door on Intercom Event
  • Monitor System Controller Connection Status
  • Monitor Endpoint Status Changes (Online/Offline/Alarm/Call State)
  • Display Intercoms on Schematics
  • Change Display of Intercoms Based on Status
  • Control Intercoms from schematics
  • Control Intercoms Based on Alarms/Events from third party Systems (i.e. CCTV).
  • Automatically Control Integriti Objects Based on events from Intercom
  • Automatically Control third party Systems (i.e. CCTV) based on Events From Intercom