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| 1002600000|| ICX-Core_x64 || Software package ICXCore for x64.
| 1002600000|| ICX-Core_x64 || Software package ICXCore for x64.
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This article lists licenses available for ICX-500 and ICX-Core. All licenses can be stacked.

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  • From factory there is a 20-day free license period during which all features can be used without the need of any license.
  • When the free license period expires, there must be a valid license installed, if not the licensed feature or device will cease to operate

License installation

  1. When Zenitel receives an order for ICX licenses, a Product Key will be sent by e-mail in return
  2. Download a Fingerprint File of the ICX product on which licenses are to be installed. This is done from the web interface: System Configuration > Licensing.
  3. Log on to the IC Asset Management System (AMS)
  4. In the AMS, under the Product Key section, identify the product key received from Zenitel, and assign an "End Customer" from the dropdown list in the rightmost column.
  5. If the end customer is not in the list, select Add New End Customer under the End Customers section, then assign the End Customer to the product key.
  6. Select an end customer from the list of End Customers, and select Create Site Node. You are now promted to upload the Fingerprint File of the ICX product.
  7. When the Site Node is created, click on this node. Select Add Licenses and enter the quantity required from the licenses available, then Add License
  8. You can now download a License File, or copy the license text.
  9. In the Web interface of the ICX-500 or ICX-Core, go to System Configuration > Licensing, and Upload the license file, or alternatively paste the license text.


  • IC Asset Management System (AMS): ): An online web-portal, used for product registration, license generation and general asset management.
  • Product Key: A 25-character code on the format XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX, used to activate Zenitel licenses. The Zenitel product key allows volume licenses, and includes all license for one invoice. The product key can be used for multiple activations (license files) for one end customer. Product keys can be stacked: A PO for additional licenses for the same ICX will be covered through its own product key.
  • Fingerprint File: A file that is downloaded from the web interface of ICX-500 or ICX-Core. The fingerprint file contains information needed to generate a license file
  • License File: A signed file that must be installed on an ICX-500 or ICX-Core to activate licenses. Each ICX-500 or ICX-Core needs their own, unique license file. The license file is generated using the IC Asset Management system. Generating a license file requires a product key.
  • Site node: A "Site" in the IC Asset Management terminology, is simply an ICX-500 gateway or an ICX-Core running on a certified platform. Each "site" needs a license file

Available licenses

ICX-500 - License management page
Product number Short code Description
    Device licenses
1002600100 ILS-IC IP-station license
1002600200 ILS-CRM IP-station license, CRM
1002600300 ILS-SC IP-station license, softclient
1002600400 ILS-ARIO IP-ARIO Audio License - 1 IP-ARIO
1002600500 ILS-AMP Exigo amplifier channel license
1002600600 ILS-AVC Exigo AVC license
1002600700 ILS-SIP SIP station license
    Interconnect licenses - ICX/AlphaNet
1002602001 ILI-AN2 AlphaNet, 2 Lines
1002602003 ILI-AN8 AlphaNet, 8 Lines
    Interconnect licenses - SIP Trunking
1002602101 ILI-SIP2 SIP Trunking, 2 lines
1002602102 ILI-SIP4 SIP Trunking, 4 lines
1002602103 ILI-SIP8 SIP Trunking, 8 lines
    Interconnect licenses - Audio Recording
1002602201 ILI-REC2 Active recording interface - 2 users
1002602203 ILI-REC8 Active recording interface - 8 users
1002602204 ILI-REC16 Active recording interface - 16 users
1002602205 ILI-REC32 Active recording interface - 32 users
1002602208 ILI-REC256 Active recording interface - 256 users
1002602209 ILI-REC512 Active recording interface - 512 users
    Interconnect licenses - API/OPC/VS-Operator/Other interfaces
1002602306 ILI-API64 API License Supporting 64 Stations
1002602309 ILI-API512 API License Supporting 512 Stations
1002602400 ILI-IF Interface enabling - Enables ACDP, MPC, EDO/EDI and ESPA444 interfaces
    Functionality licenses
1002604000 ILF-M-BAS Basic Audio Messaging License (Up to 10MB, max 3 alarm messages)
1002604100 ILF-M-ENH Enhanced Audio Messaging License (Up to 50MB)
1002604500 ILF-HBA High bandwidth audio license
    Redundancy licenses
1002606006 ILR-U64 Redundancy License 64 Users
1002606008 ILR-U256 Redundancy License 256 Users
1002606009 ILR-U512 Redundancy License 512 Users
    Billing licenses
1002606100 ILF-B1 Billing - 1 External Trunk / All Users
1002606103 ILF-B8 Billing - 8 External Trunks / All Users
1002606104 ILF-B16 Billing - 16 External Trunks / All Users
1002606105 ILF-B32 Billing - 32 External Trunks / All Users
    ICX-Core license
1002600000 ICX-Core_x64 Software package ICXCore for x64.