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This article describes how to enable and collect logs from Vingtor-Stentofon IP Stations. The logs can be useful for debugging and troubleshooting purposes.

The logging feature is implemented somewhat differently in the Turbine family and in the INCA family of stations.

Logging in Turbine stations and ENA Amplifiers

Logging configuration in Turbine stations

Basic logging

Basic logging is always active. Press the All Logs button in the "Download" section to download the log files

Detailed Logging

By enabling Detailed logging much more main application events are logged into log files. This is useful when deep-tracing for events that caused issues or for performance bottlenecks.

  • Press Enable to start detailed logging.
  • Note that the station will reboot as soon as the Enable button is pressed, and will be out of service for approx. 30 seconds
  • When finished with the logging, press Disable to stop the logging
  • Press the All Logs button in the "Download" section to download the log files
Note icon Although the station is using log rotation which automatically deletes old data, it is recommended not to keep the logging permanently enabled, as it will consume memory space and wear out the flash memory

Clear logs: After having downloaded the log files, they can be deleted from the station. Press Main application logs and/or All logs to delete log files. Note that the station will reboot as soon as the All logs button is pressed

Download: Press All logs button to download the log files to the PC. The log files are in a compressed archive format with file extension .gz.

Tcpdump tool

  • The Tcpdump tool is included as from firmware version 4.7, and is used for collecting all data traffic in and out from the station for the time period specified
  • The log file will be on the format .pcap, which can be read by packet analyzing applications such as Wireshark.
  • The Tcpdump timeout period can be set between 10 - 3600 seconds
  • To start logging press Start tcpdump. The web page will count down the remaining time for the logging session
  • You can stop the logging by pressing Stop tcpdump, or you can wait for the timeout period to expire
  • When the logging is ended, you need to refresh the web page (e.g. press the menu "Station Administration" > "Logging"), and you will see a link to download the "tcpdump.pcap" file to your PC
  • Maximum file size is 5MB. After having downloaded the file to your PC, you should Delete tcpdump file to free up space in the station memory

Logging in INCA stations

The INCA Stations provide log information when used in SIP or Pulse mode. When used in AlphaCom mode no log data is available.

View log in INCA stations

The web interface will show the last 150 lines of SIP related log data.