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Welcome to the Zenitel Wiki
Everything you need to know about Vingtor-Stentofon ICX, AlphaCom, IC-Edge, PULSE and SIP Intercom.
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Zenitel Wiki contains technical information about the platforms IC-Edge, Pulse, SIP Intercom, ICX and AlphaCom. Here you will find up to date installation instructions, feature descriptions, configuration guides, application examples, integration with 3rd party systems, software download library, upgrade procedures and more. contains general product information, including product specifications, ordering details, data sheets and download links to PDF manuals, certificates and declarations.

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Software Package VSIS 4.11 (04.2019)

The VSIS 4.11 software package is now released. The VSIS Package is a collection of software for intercom solutions.


Microphone Windscreen for Turbine Compact (07.2018)

The TA-14 is a Microphone Windscreen for the Turbine Compact Station series TCIS, TCAS and TCIV. This accessory allows placing Turbine Compact stations in windy areas, and protects microphone against wind noise. This assures good audio intelligibility in difficult environments.

New releases (05.2018)

Firmware & Software

NEW VSIS! NEW AlphaSys! NEW AlphaPro!
VSIS-4.9 AlphaSys 12.5 AlphaPro 11.7

Major new features:

ENA2200.png VSIS-4-9 GA Releasebulletin.jpg HDVoice Icon.jpg
ENA support in AlphaCom mode Multicast Paging in SIP HD audio for background
music distribution

New Turbine kit with keyboard scanner (02.2018)

The new TKIE-3 kit contains an input to connect a 5x5 keyboard, increasing the opportunity to create custom Turbine InterCom stations.

Read more here.

Important notices

Phase out of IP Vandal Resistant Video Station 1401110200 (07.2018)

Due to last time buy on critical components, Zenitel is no longer able to produce the IP Vandal Resistant Video Station w/Axis camera (item no 1401110200). The station is phased out with immediate effect. Please note that IP Vandal Resistant Video Station (item no 1401110100) is still available.

Spectre/Meltdown vulnerability (01.2018)

Zenitel products are not impacted by the Spectre/Meltdown vulnerability. Read more here.

Turbine microphone issues (09.2017)

Some Turbine stations have left the factory in a "test mode". In this mode the microphone is disabled and will not work.

  • Models possibly affected: TCIS-x, TCIV-x, TMIS, TFIE, EAPII og ECPIR models produced in the period between May and September 2017
  • Symptom: When a call is established, the microphone is not working, thus there will be audio in one direction only
  • Cure: To rectify the problem, restore factory default settings in the station