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Zenitel TCIS and TCIV+ intercom stations connect to MS Teams through CyberGate SaaS. The stations connect directly to Cybergate in SIP mode. CyberGate For MS Teams App provides a Dashboard with Connected Devices, and enables Teams users & Supervisors to manage Multi Ring Group members and their Availability status.

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Integration overview


  • Incoming calls can be answered in Teams users' desktop client, mobile app, Teams compatible desktop phone
  • Two-way audio and live video from intercom stations to Teams users
  • Supports multiple ring groups where you can define who should be able to answers calls from which intercom station. The first one in a ring group to answer a call will be connected
  • Call out to intercom stations from MS Teams
  • Open door from MS Team (local door access)
  • Conversations can be recorded, stores and played back


The integration works with Zenitel TCIS and TCIV+ stations configured in SIP mode and running software v. or later.


No licenses are required from Zenitel.

You need 1 CyberGate subscription per connected intercom station. The CyberGate subscription can only be purchased direct on Azure Marketplace or Microsoft AppSource. Click here for pricing and purchasing information: Cybergate pricing

Get started and add intercom stations to Cybergate

Please follow the step by step guide here: CyberGate get started page

The configuration guide for Zenitel intercom stations is found here by searching "Zenitel" on this page

Information on the Cybergate for MS Teams app is found on this page