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Feature: Program Direct Access Key
Default directory number: 784, 9541
Feature number: 32
Parameter 1:

0 = Standard program DAK
1 = Append mode
2 = Program diro during connection
4 = Extra digits only
8 = Program event trigger

0 (784)
128 (9541) (Same function as parameter 1 = 0)

Description: Program DAK key. Dial: <> <dak-sequence> <DAK-key>, e.g. 784 + 123 + DAK key.
Directory number 9541 is used in the menues of the Dual Display station

Note: As from AMC the DAK programming via the 784 code is stored in the temporary NVRAM memory, and synchronized to Flash memory within 4 hours for permanent storage. When performing a software controlled reset from AlphaPro or AlphaWeb, the system will always synchronize to flash memory before the reset is executed. Also after a SendChg or SendAll operation from AlphaPro the flash memory is automatically synchronized.

If a hardware reset is performed before the scheduled synchronization has taken place the DAK configuration will be lost. Hardware reset means pressing the reset button on APC board or the reset button on the power board in the AlphaCom XE7, or power recycling the AlphaCom.

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