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(How do I find out my IP address on my TKIS-2?)
(How do I find out my IP address on my TKIS-2?)
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[[TKIS Connections]]
[[TKIS Connections]]
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==How do I default my TCIS/TCIV/TMIS station to factory default?  Static & DHCP==
==How do I default my TCIS/TCIV/TMIS station to factory default?  Static & DHCP==

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What is the IC-EDGE Controller?

One of the intercom stations in an Edge system must be set as the Edge Controller. The Edge Controller is acting as a server for the other intercom stations in the system. Any Turbine Intercom Station can be an Edge Server. There can be only one Edge Controller in the installation.

The Edge Controller must have a static IP address (not dynamically assigned via DHCP).

OBS icon It is recommended to not use a TCIV (Turbine station with camera) as Edge Controller server in a system with more than 5 registered clients. For such systems please use any other type Turbine, such as TCIS-x, or TKIS-2.

Will I need software licensing once my software grace period expires?

This will depend on what type of devices are connected, and what type of features are being used.

The following does not require a license, and will continue to operate after the 60-days grace period expires:

The following does require a license, and will seize to operate when the grace period expires if there is no license present:

I am having issues getting my ITSV-1 programmed and registered

ITSV-1 is not automatically recognized by the EDGE CONTROLLER. The ITSV-1 must be manually added to the EDGE CONTROLLER

ITSV-1 (Edge)

I can’t get my call button on my TCIS/TCIV to call the ITSV-1?

By default call buttons aren't programmed on IP substations as the programming of DAK keys and Ringlist is done via EDGE CONTROLLER

Direct Access Key & Ringlist Settings (Edge)

Does door opening on IP substations work by default? What digit do I use to activate door opening?

By default digit 6 will activate relay for door opening from ITSV-1 or from any IP master station during conversation. Relay will activate for 3 seconds

Door Opening feature (Edge)

How do I find out my IP address on my TKIS-2?

By default when you receive a TKIS-2 the IP address will be DHCP so this sometimes can make it difficult to know the IP address assigned to the unit. A very easy way to find out the IP address is to connect a speaker to the speaker output (8 ohm or higher) and a momentary closure between ground and any of the 6 inputs/outputs on the unit.

TKIS Connections

How do I default my TCIS/TCIV/TMIS station to factory default? Static & DHCP

What is the default username & password to access the web server of my IP station?

How do I set my station to be the Edge Controller?

Where do I install and activate my IC-EDGE software license key?

Does ITSV-1 require software license to work?

How do I activate “Advanced Configuration Mode”?

Does Zenitel Mobile App require a software license to work?

Will Zenitel Mobile App work during software grace period?

How do I set static & DHCP IP address on IP substations?

How do I set static & DHCP IP address on IP master stations?

Does IC-EDGE Controller require DHCP or static IP address to work?

How many IP stations can an IC-EDGE system have?

How many Zenitel Mobile Apps can an IC-EDGE System have?

How many 3rd party SIP phones can an IC-EDGE System have?

Can an existing Pulse System be upgraded to an IC-EDGE System?

Is a software license required to integrate to Lenel OnGuard?

Is a software license required to integrate to RS2?

Is a software license required to integrate to Genetec Security Center?

Is it possible to have remote relays to do door opening function?

Is it possible to have external contract closures to make intercom calls in IC-EDGE system?

Can IP stations register to cloud based SIP call centers?

Do stations set to IC-EDGE mode support IPv6?

Do VS stations have software support for active noise cancellation/reduction, AGC and AVC?

How do you upgrade software of existing IP station in IC-EDGE mode to latest version?

Is it possible to use stations with older 4.x.x.x Turbine or INCA 2.x.x.x software in an IC-EDGE System?

What is the maximum size of a single IC-EDGE system?

Is it possible to connect multiple IC-EDGE systems together via IP to create a bigger IC-EDGE System?

Is it possible to program an IP station to register to the IC-EDGE controller when the station is on another LAN than the IC-EDGE Controller?

Can an IP stations have voice message loaded into it?

Does an IC-EDGE system have a built-in scheduler to do time based events?

Do TCIV stations support ONVIF S profile?

Can IP stations ring multiple masters at the same time?

Can IP stations call first master, if not answered, second master, etc?

How do I add additional IP station to an existing/functioning IC-EDGE System?

Can an IC-EDGE have different versions of IC-EDGE software and still work fine?

Having issues making my Telephone Gateway work properly

How do I change the text on my stations in my IC-EDGE System.

How do I modify or change the device profile my station is using in IC-EDGE System

My IP station is no longer registering to the IC-EDGE Controller what is the issue?

What is the default password for the IP master stations from the stations keyboard?

Who can I email for technical support on my IC-EDGE System?

Who can I call for technical support on my IC-EDGE System?

Are there any videos I can access on the IC-EDGE System?

When can I tell if my stations are programmed/registered to the IC-EDGE Controller?