Station Profiles (Pulse)

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The Station Profile defines a set of service features and parameters that are available for a group of stations.

The Pulse system can have five station profiles:

  • Profile 1 - Default
  • Profile 2 - Substation
  • Profile 3 - Display station
  • Profile 4 - Operator
  • Profile 5 - Gateway

The following service features and parameters are included in the station profile:

  • Door opening including remote I/O
  • Outgoing call restriction
  • Group Call initiation
  • Busy Override

To modify station profiles select Server Management > Station Profiles

Modify Station Profiles.

  • Profile nickname: The name of the profile. Any text can be used.
  • Outgoing calls allowed: Stations in selected profile can call stations in the checked profiles. «Forbidden» in the display if access is denied.
  • Relay activation allowed: Stations in selected profile can activate the relay (e.g. Door Opening) on stations in the checked profiles.
  • Group calls allowed: Stations in selected profile are allowed to dispatch the checked group calls
  • Busy override allowed: When calling a busy station, stations in selected profile can force a connection by pressing digit 5. Note that function can only be used from Vingtor-Stentofon stations, including Turbine and INCA family and VS-Client. 3rd party SIP stations and ITSV-1 can't send 5 to override busy stations