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The TCIA-2 is an IP based intercom with an analog front board intended for areas where exposure of the physical network is unwanted.

The solution is based on a TKIS-2 VoIP kit, where audio and control signals are connected to an interface (TKIA-2), before they are transported to the front unit TCIA-2.

Analog over IP Intercom

Getting started

Connecting the devices

TCIA-2 Connection 1.png

The 8-wire cable provided is used for connecting the TKIA-2 Gateway to the TKIS-2 Intercom. The colorcoded wires serve as a visual aid to connecting to the correct pins at both ends.

  • Using the 8-wire cable, connect the pins on the TKIA-2 to the corresponding pins on the TKIS-2 according to the drawing.

An FTP cable (maximum 60 meters) is used to connect the TKIA-2 Gateway to the TCIA-2 Intercom.

  • Using the FTP cable, connect the RJ45 port on the TKIA-2 to the RJ45 port on the TCIA-2.


The station can operate in three different modes, depending on what kind of server the station should register to. Choose one of the links below according to what mode you need to configure.

Station Specific Configuration:

Restore Factory Defaults and Software Upgrade

Connectors, Indicators and Dimensions


Software Requirements

This station is fully supported as from AlphaCom version