TCIS Indication LEDs

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LEDs on Front Panel

Status LEDs

  • Bell icon lights yellow when a call is placed and ringing
  • Talk icon lights green when a call is active and in conversation
  • Door icon lights red when the door is unlocked or relay is active
TCIS Indications 1.PNG

Talk Icon: Flashing at 1 second intervals:
Station has no connection to the AlphaCom server/exchange.

Possible reasons:

  • No connection to Ethernet
  • Wrong AlphaCom XE IP address configured
  • Invalid IP address
  • No gateway or wrong gateway to the AlphaCom server/exchange
TCIS Indications 2.PNG

Talk Icon: Flashing at 5 second intervals:
Station connected but NOT registered in the AlphaCom server/exchange.


  • Station has not been programmed in AlphaPro
TCIS Indications 3.PNG

Power LED on the circuit board

Power LED

  • Steady blue light: The station receives power

Status LEDs on the circuit board

TCIS Board Indications 1.png

  • Flashing 2 red + 1 green: Station has no connection to the server.
  • Flashing 1 red + 2 green: Station has TCP connection, but is NOT registered to the server.
  • Flashing 3 green: Station connected and registered in the server.

Ethernet Activity & Speed LEDs

TCIS Board Indications 2.png

Green LED

  • Steady light: Ethernet connection OK
  • Flashing: Ethernet data traffic
  • No light: No Ethernet connection

Yellow LED

  • Steady light: 100 Mbit Ethernet connection
  • No light: 10 Mbit Ethernet connection