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*[[AK5850HS|Headset AK5850HS]]
*[[AK5850HS|Headset AK5850HS]]
*[[TAX-3|Handset TAX-3 (100 8150 030)]]
*[[TAX-3|Handset TAX-3 (1008150030)]]
*[[EMMAX-1H|Handheld microphone EMMAX-1H]]
*[[EMMAX-1H|Handheld microphone EMMAX-1H]]

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Turbine Industry - EX

Getting started


The station can operate in three different modes, depending on what kind of server the station should register to. Choose one of the links below according to what mode you need to configure.

Note icon TFIX-4 specific configuration: In the web interface of the station, select Product Model And Accessory = TFIX-1 ("TFIX-4" is not an available option).

Restore Factory Defaults and Software Upgrade

Connectors, Indicators and Dimensions


Related Information