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This article describes how to upgrade the software of the Inca series and the Turbine series of intercom devices, as well as the Flowire to the latest version via the VS-IMT tool.

It is also possible to upgrade the software using the web interface of the station/Flowire.


  1. Download and install the VS-IMT tool
  2. Download the desired image file. Don't unzip the file.
Turbine Image file download
Inca Image file download
Flowire Image file download

Run the station wizard and perform the discovery and the identify process. The next step in the wizard will then be the upgrade section.

Adding image files to library

Available Turbine images can be seen from drop-down menu of the same name. Adding additional images to the list can be performed with "Import image..." function.

Click on the button and navigate to .zip image previously downloaded from Zenitel site. This is recommended way to add software images.

Manually adding software images
If it is necessary for any reason to manually add image to the IMT repository, it can be added in the following way:

  1. Important: IMT software repository requires that image is extracted, correctly named and that it includes tftp_test.txt file.
  2. Show contents of software image repository by pressing "Open location"
  3. Extract image in the folder with the same name as zipped image. Following naming is supported:
    A100G80200.x_x_x_x for INCA images
    A100G802D0.x_x_x_x for Dual Display images
    tsi-x.x.x.x or sti-x.x.x.x for Turbine images
    sti-prod-x.x.x.x for Turbine images (tsi to sti upgrade)
    zenitel-flowire-x.x.x.x for Flowire images
  4. If tftp_test.txt file does not exist in created directory, manually copy it from one of the other image folders. This is not necessary for Flowires.  
  5. At the end image folder should look like this.

Return to IMT and Click on Reload button. Added image should be visible in image list.


VS-IMT can upgrade all stations to the latest software. It is station type-aware and will use the correct image file for the upgrade. A built-in file transfer server can upgrade many stations in parallel which makes it the most efficient way to upgrade Vingtor-Stentofon IP stations (only Flowire devices will be upgraded sequentially, one-by-one).

Software image files for IP intercom stations need to be downloaded to the PC and imported into VS-IMT before starting the upgrade process. The Import image feature will extract the image into the VS-IMT software repository on the local disk.

Some upgrades of Turbine IP intercoms require specific image packages – sti-prod-4.x.x.x. The table below shows the correct Turbine image file versions to use.

Current version Desired version Image file to use What to do or earlier 3.0.x.x tsi-3.0.x.x Normal upgrade or earlier 4.2+ tsi- and then sti-prod-4.x.x.x First, upgrade station to and then to required 4.2+. / 4.2+ sti-prod-4.x.x.x Check Enable upgrades requiring boot/environment version upgrade box and then normal upgrade
3.1.x.x / 4.1.x.x 4.2+ sti-4.x.x.x Check Enable upgrades requiring boot/environment version upgrade box and then normal upgrade
4.2+ 4.2+ sti-4.x.x.x Normal upgrade
4.x.x.x 4.x.x.x zenitel-flowire-4.x.x.x Normal upgrade

Note: Upgrading Turbines with software version or earlier requires a two-step upgrade. They first need to be upgraded with tsi- image and then with sti-prod-4.2.x.x or sti-prod-4.7.x.x image.

Trying to upgrade directly with sti-prod-4.2.x.x or sti-prod-4.7.x.x will result with "unsupported" warning message.


How to upgrade IP Stations

  1. Review current software version for discovered stations Review the software version which is given in the station list.
    NOTE: Stations with unsupported software versions are marked with a Required upgrade warning indicator. These stations will not be added to the next step of the Wizard unless they are upgraded, and therefore cannot be added to a project.
  2. Select target software versions in the Station software images panel:
    Select a desired software version used for the upgrade of every IP station type: Turbine, INCA, Dual-Display and Flowire.
  3. Enable boot/environment upgrades:
    Check Enable upgrades requiring boot/environment version upgrade box.
    Upgrades including bootloader update will be run at the end.
  4. Start Upgrade:
    Mark multiple (Shift+click or Ctrl+click) or all (Ctrl+a) stations for multi-selection and click the Upgrade button to initiate the upgrade process.
Upgrade stations step

Note: Turbine firmware upgrades that require a boot/environment upgrade are by default disabled due to the fact that such upgrade is risky in case something goes wrong in the upgrade process (power outage, network down, etc.). In case of a failure, all other remaining upgrades will be stopped. DO NOT power down stations or make any network changes while the upgrade is in progress.

Once upgrade is initiated, wait for all upgrades to complete. IMT pushes new software image to all selected stations and initiates upgrade on each station. Once image is flashed to station and station is booted again, IMT checks if station got new version and reports that in "Status" column". You may run as many upgrades in a row as you want. And in case upgrade fails, you may always try to run upgrade again on the same station(s).

Station Upgrade in Progress

If a station fails to upgrade or in case of any other problems, see VS-IMT Troubleshooting & Technical Background.

How to upgrade Flowires

Flowires cannot be upgraded together with stations.

  • Select all Flowires and press upgrade.
  • The application will upgrade them all one by one.

Upgrade Stations already included in the project

To start station upgrade:

  • Select File > Upgrade Stations (or press CTRL+U)

Upgrade stations window behaves the same as the Upgrade stations step in discovery wizard - VS-IMT Basic Intercom System Setup#(IMT)FSVS-IMTBasicIntercomSystemSetup-StationUpgrade.



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