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VS-Operator is a PC-based system management package for the ICX-AlphaCom Audio Server. It shows the status of intercom devices using maps and makes it easy for operators to:

  • View calls and call requests
  • Act easily and quickly on events and requests
  • Store an onscreen history of events through a Journal

Watch this video on how to get started with VS-Operator:

Ideally suited for control rooms

VS-Operator is primarily intended for use in a control room environment. It provides a clear overview for operators with multiple layout possibilities according to the operator's preference. Layouts can be defined to cover single or multiple monitors. They can be added, edited and deleted by administrators.

Basic Functions Overview

AlphaView TwoScreens.PNG

The use of map views allows operators to clearly see all the device icons defined in the selected area. Device icons are shown depending on the state in which they are in so that operators have a real-time view of the status of all devices. When a call is established, the relevant map is shown automatically.

Multiple functionality to reduce response times

A wide range of functionalities enables control room operators to:

  • Get a quick overview of the system status – support for multiple monitors
  • Respond quickly to events and call requests
  • Show video from linked intercoms on call events
  • Show the status and operate remote I/Os
  • Extend functionality through custom scripting and general purpose devices
  • IM function between operators

Functionality includes:

  • Call Queuing
  • Video support
  • Show Input status
  • Operate outputs - Door Opening - Select CCTV camera
  • System Status - Station errors - AlphaCom up/down
  • Flexible GUI - Maps and icons - Button panels - Touch screen