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This SDK is no longer available. }}
=VS-SDK 1.3=
=VS-SDK 1.3=
  '''Name:''' VS-SDK for Pulse
  '''Name:''' VS-SDK for Pulse

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This SDK is no longer available.

VS-SDK 1.3

Name: VS-SDK for Pulse
Date: 25.10.2017
Status: General Availability
Description: VS-SDK for Pulse is a software development kit that comes with APIs, tools and examples. The software is delivered as Windows Installer package.

New Features

MTN-1234 VS-SDK support for stations in SIP mode

VS-SDK now supports connection to stations in SIP mode as a Local Device service. Configuration from VS-IMT was also added for stations in SIP mode as part of the VS-SDK for Pulse project type.

VSIS-895 VS-SDK software bundle including VS-IMT and VS-Client

VS-SDK for Pulse now comes as a bundle with VS-IMT and VS-Client. Together with a full documentation it enables a developer to create a custom intercom-enabled software with very little effort.

Bugfixes and Improvements ver. (LA)

VSIS-1164 SDK documentation is now in Windows Compiled HTML Help format

With this format it is now possible to search trough whole text of SDK documentation.


Release: General Available
Name: VS-SDK for Pulse
Date: 15.04.2016

Description: VS-SDK for Pulse is SDK that includes software libraries for C# and Java and provides 3rd party system integrators with means to build their own Vingtor-Stentofon Pulse intercom solutions.
Note: VS-SDK for Pulse 1.2 is a second GA release.

Bugfixes and Improvements

SKI-208 SDK to ZAP connection is optimized so there can be more SDK instances run at once

UNI-1506 SDK now fully supports call creation

Call_id is now assigned when call is created. Such calls are now also listed with getCalls method even before dialing them up.

VSIS-187 Provider can now be Disposed. Closes all TCP connections and stops running threads.

VS-SDK was the first release.

Known issues