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All new software and firmware can be downloaded from our [[Downloads]] page.
All new software and firmware can be downloaded from our [[Downloads]] page.
[[File:VS IntercomSuite 4-9.jpg]]
[[Image:VS IntercomSuite 4-9.jpg|right|300px]]
== New firmware and Application Software (October 2018) ==
== New firmware and Application Software (October 2018) ==

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All new software and firmware can be downloaded from our Downloads page.

VS IntercomSuite 4-9.jpg

New firmware and Application Software (October 2018)

VSIS is an intercom solution software product package. The package includes:

Also released:

Major new InterCom features

  • Multicast IP paging for SIP
    Turbine and INCA IP intercom stations and IP speakers now support IP multicast audio when configured in SIP mode. Up to 10 multicast IP addresses can be configured.
  • Virtual I/O script execution based on input status change
    Added possibility to enable/disable functions like DAK key action (e.g., make a call) according to a state change on certain input. Use cases: disabling intercom for non-authorized personnel using a badge-reader or denying intercom calls without a vehicle in front of the station (detected by a megnetic loop into the ground).
  • Advanced Turbine AVC settings on StationWeb
    Added advanced AVC settings on Turbine StationWeb for AVC algorithm parametrization. These options should be used only in cases when the default AVC behavior needs to be fine-tuned and when the technician has a good understanding about the AVC technology.
  • Added support for SIP Early Media during 180-Ringing or 183-Session Progress
    Now there is support for playing media during SIP 180-Ringing or SIP 183 Call progress, instead of a locally generated ringing tone. This is a very common setup in iPBX systems where the server generates media to be played during session progress and before call is accepted (e.g., call queued before it is answered).
  • VS-IMT improvements
    VS-IMT will now display a warning when TCIV is set as a Pulse server, explaining the limitation and workaround. All DAK actions are now enabled for all Turbine stations, rather than being filtered by station type. The release also includes many small bug-fixes and improvements.
  • Improvements to the VS-Client
    Added improvements to how the VS-Client manages system resources under a high system resources load, which should prevent any possible audible interruptions. Also improved how the VS-Client takes ownership of audio devices; it could happen that the VS-Client locks an audio device such as a USB headset microphone in exclusive ownership, which can cause issues for other applications; this is now improved within the audio engine.

New AlphaCom IP Public Address Services

AlphaCom has inherited a set of new IP Public Address Services from Exigo. With the new features AlphaCom is able to provide a strong IP PA offering.

The main features and capabilities are:

  1. Connect Exigo amplifiers to Exigo without use of Exigo system controllers
  2. Enhanced PA monitoring
  3. HD audio for background music distribution

Two new license types have been added to AlphaCom. These are ENA Amplifier Channel License and HD Audio License. One ENA Amplifier Channel License per amplifier channel is needed. The HD Audio License is per AlphaCom server.

Read more about the amplifiers on

Technical information can also be found here on Alphawiki: