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Industrial Master Station

The Heavy Duty Industrial Master Station is an analog intercom station. It is connected to an ASLT line card in an AlphaCom XE7, AlphaCom XE20 or AlphaCom XE26 server using 2 pairs of wires.


  • Master station with free access to all extensions and features
  • Rugged waterproof and dustproof casing of orange aluminium alloy
  • Microphone along with red microphone live lamp
  • External loudspeaker. Sound level adjustable with a potentiometer inside the station
  • Built-in 10 W (8 ohm) VOX operated power amplifier for external loudspeaker
  • Screw terminals for easy connection of installation cables
  • Equipped with 4 direct access keys


708x Connections.png

For details on connection at the AlphaCom server side, see ASLT - AlphaCom Subscriber Line Board

Private/Open setting

The jumper S1 determines if the station is in private or open mode.

  • S1 in upper position: Open mode
  • S1 in lower position: Private mode

External loudspeaker

External loudspeaker - Powered from the exchange:

  • Connect an external 20 ohm loudspeaker to the L.SP. output
  • Set the jumpers S5 and S9 in the lower position
  • Adjust volume with RP2

External loudspeaker - Using the built-in 10 watt amplifier:

  • Connect an external 8 ohm loudspeaker to the L.SP. output
  • Set the jumpers S5 and S9 in the upper position
  • Connect a 12VAC transformer as indicated in the above drawing
  • Adjust volume with RP5

Handset connection

When handset is connected, open shunt S8 and S11.

7080 handset conn.PNG

Handset troubleshooting

  • Symptom: When an industrial station type 100 7080 000 is equipped with a handset there is a knows issue related to the handset operation: when the handset is replaced (on-hook) during conversation, the conversation does not cancel.
  • Solution: A component must be changed on the station PCB; A100C01433, in order to make the converstion cancel. Change capacitor C14 (47µF/100V) to 4,7µF/63V.
7080 handset cancel.PNG

Dimensional Drawing


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