Adding TCIV ONVIF camera to Genetec Security Center

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This guide describes the configuration of Genetec Security Center 5.7 SR2. It is assumed that Genetec Security Center has already been setup and is operational.

Add TCIV camera

  • Open the Server Admin Tool
  • Wait for database and directory to connect before moving to the next step
  • Open Config Tool
  • Open Video utility: Tasks > Administration > Video
Open Video utility

  • Click on Unit enrollment to add video stations.
  • Start discovery will automatically search for stations using broadcast ONVIF message.
Select "Start discovery" to search for TCIV stations

  • An alternative is to select Manual add.. and manually add TCIV stations to the list. There is already "Vingtor-Stentofon" listed under Manufacturers - HTTP MJPEG stream support only. Do not forget to set correct HTTP port (8090).
Manually adding camera

  • If you want to use RTSP streaming from TCIV you need to add it as a generic ONVIF station:
Manually adding camera

  • Discovered stations will automatically be added to the project after having entered the correct username and password.
Discovered cameras are listed

  • Once the station is added you can change the video settings on it.
Edit video settings

Note icon Configured Connection type will only be applied to video stream, audio stream (if used) will always use UDP.

Note icon It is recommended to use UDP mode for both audio and video stream. Tunneling is not supported by default as it significantly increase Turbine resource usage. If tunneling is needed, it is required to enable it on Turbine station web on RTSP Settings page.

Note icon For Turbine stations in ONVIF mode Genetec supports H.264 codec only. MJPEG codec is not available in ONVIF mode.

View video streams

  • Open the Genetec Monitoring utility (Security Desk) to manage/watch camera streams: Tasks > Operation > Monitoring:
Open Genetec Monitoring utility

  • The Monitoring utility offers easy drag and drop of streams in its view:
Drag and drop of video streams

  • To enable audio on stream click on the Listen icon from the pane on the right.
Enable audio