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CAC 0x00A9 169 AMC
$CAC Cancel all active point to point calls (conversations) in the exchange
$CAC U3       Cancel all active calls in group 3  
$CAC U1 U1    Cancel all loudspeaking conversations in group 1 
$CAC U0 U2    Cancel all call except trunk calls
$CAC U2 U0 U1 Cancel all calls in group 2 with low setup priority 

1 OptionalUINT1 Group number. All stations member of the local group who are conversation will be (selected for) reset. (0 = no group test -> all stations)
2 OptionalUINT1 Bitmap:
1:Only loudspeaking conversations are canceled.
2: Don’t cancel trunk calls
3: Cancel all, also program and conference (
3 Optional UINT1 0-4, Max priority of call to cancel. Cancel all call with this priority or below, if no parameter cancel all calls.

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