ITSV-3 Restore Factory Defaults

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This article describes how to restore factory defaults of the ITSV-3 station.

OBS icon Restoring the Factory Default Settings will delete all configuration information on the phone. Please backup or print all the settings before you restore to the factory default settings.

Restore to Factory Default via LCD Menu

  • Select the Settings icon on the screen, and scroll down to the Advanced section. Select System security > Factory reset

Restore to Factory Default via the Web interface

  1. Login to ITSV-3 Web GUI and go to Maintenance > Upgrade page
  2. Under the Advanced Settings tab, select Factory Reset.
  3. Factory Reset

Hard reset

For users that want to do factory reset of the device manually, hard reset is an alternative:

  1. Power cycle the ITSV-3.
  2. Wait for the LED in the upper right of the phone to light up in Green, then about 2 seconds later, press the both keys (the second LCD key from the left: Volume Up) and (the 4th LCD key from the left: Menu) at the same time, it will go into the factory reset process.
  3. The LCD screen will display “Factory reset, please wait”.
  4. The ITSV-3 will reboot with factory default settings.

Factory default values

  • Station IP address: DHCP
  • Username: admin
  • Password: alphaadmin

The very first time you log in via the web interface you are prompted to change the password.

Note icon Make sure to make a note of the new password!