PNCI - Public Telephone Interface

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Obsolete icon This product is discontinued!

This product is replaced by the AudioCodes MP-11x
PNCI - Public Telephone Interface


  • Incoming and outgoing calls between intercom and public/private telephone network, or on dial-up tie-line between two intercom exchanges.
  • Two-wire analogue interface (loop start).
  • From touch-tone telephones, intercom functions such as group call and voice mail are available.
  • Selective dialling to any intercom station, or direct dialling to switchboard intercom.
  • Tone or voice message prompt for telephone callers using selective dialling.
  • With data signalling, five levels of access are programmable for each intercom station.
  • Ring signal to PNCI can activate light or buzzer.
  • 100 short numbers for speed dialling.
  • Housed for wall mounting.


Each Public Network Connection Interface (PNCI) unit allows one conversation at a time. Up to 32 units can be connected to one intercom exchange.
The audio interface requires a normal subscriber connection in the intercom exchange. E-wire or data signalling is available: data signalling enables functions specific to each intercom subscriber.
If power to the PNCI unit or intercom exchange is switched off, a bypass relay can connect the incoming line to a standby telephone.
The PNCI is available in different versions for the following countries:
Norway/General 100 9400 100
Sweden 100 9400 110
Finland 100 9400 120
Denmark 100 9400 130
Germany 100 9400 140
(50 94 00 14)
Switzerland 100 9400 210
Austria 100 9400 240


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PNCI Wiring.jpg