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A SuperUser is a user with access to all features in the system. A SuperUser is assigned to Class of service 16. By default there is one SuperUser in an exchange, the station connected to physical number 1 (directory number 101).

Station number 1 is also by default set to receive error messages from the AlphaCom. The following error messages are generated by the system:

  • Faulty Line (faulty station line, both analog and IP stations are reported)
  • Faulty Board (If AMC-IP can no longer communicate with the board this error message is generated)
  • Faulty Device (RIO or slave module communication failure)
  • Faulty AGA line (AlphaNet or MultiModule audio line error when interconnected by AGA or AE1 board)

An error message is indicated by feature reminder in the station.

The error reporting is configured from Exchange & System -> RCI -> Faults.