TFIE Connections

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This article describes the connections of the Turbine Industrial Stations TFIE-1, TFIE-2 and TFIE-6.

Power Supply

The Turbine Industrial Station supports Power over Ethernet (PoE, IEEE 802.3 a-f) where power can be drawn from either the spare line or signal line.

If PoE is not available, the Turbine Industrial Station can be powered from a 24-48 VDC local power supply.

If connected to two PoE-capable switches, only one of the ports will negotiate PoE; hence this is not a good solution for power redundancy (switch failure might lead to a reboot). Instead a “dumb” PoE injector (spare-pair power) should be used for the two Ethernet ports or a local 24 VDC local power backup.

If used together with PoE the station can be powered by 24 VDC as a local power backup.

Network connections

There are two RJ-45 ports located on the Turbine Industrial station, either of which can be used for a single PoE/LAN Ethernet connection.

  • When the Turbine Station is connected to the network, its IP address is automatically obtained from a DHCP server or an IP address in the range 169.254.x.x will be assigned.
  • To make the station speak its IP address, press the call button on the station.

Input/Output Connections

The TFIE-x station provides two Double Throw relay contacts with 60W switching power. COM, NO, NC contacts are provided.

In addition there are 6 I/O connections used as digital input (eg. from a closing contact), digital output (5V), or LED driving (20mA max) for connecting sensors, indicators or integration to other systems.

See "Turbine Extended Board Connectors" for more details.