Tetra and AlphaCom interfacing

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AlphaCom can be interfaced to a Tetra radio system in two ways:

  • Analog interfacing via Radio Gateway: This option allows a group of intercoms stations to listen to (and talk back to) a talk group in the Tetra system.
  • SIP trunking: This method allows point to point calls from individual radio handsets to individual intercom units, and vice versa.

Analog interfacing via Radio Gateway

This way of interfacing uses a Tetra car radio as a gateway. An AlphaCom subscriber line with audio interface (e.g. IPARIO, TKIE-2 or FBSAR ) will be connected to the microphone, speaker and PTT signals of the gateway radio. The audio from the radio is distributed to one or many intercom users via the Simplex Conference in the AlphaCom. An intercom user can talk back to the radio (and to other intercoms on the same conference) by pressing the M-key (= PTT) on the intercom station. When talking from the intercom station, the PTT of the radio gateway will be operated. Which talk group you talk into depends on the setup of the gateway radio.

Integration with Tetra via a Radio Gateway

The intercom users must be analog (ASLT) stations or IP Stations. 3rd party SIP stations is not supported by the Simplex Conference feature.

SIP trunking

AlphaCom and Tetra system can be interfaced by SIP trunking, assuming that the Tetra system has a SIP interface. SIP integration is suitable when there is a need for point to point calls between individual intercom stations and individual radio handsets.

If the Tetra system is Motorola Dimetra, a SIP license “MTIG” (Motorola Telephone Interconnect Gateway) is required in the Tetra system.

Integration with Tetra over SIP trunk

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