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The WUDD command is used in the Event Handler to write a value to UDD (User Defined Data variable). The value is changed immediately, before the next statement is executed. The WUDD command can only be used to change values in local exchange. In order to write to an UDD in another exchange via AlphaNet, the data command $WUDD must be used.
From AMC 11.02 alphanumeric storing from event handler is possible (not via $WUDD). Alphanumeric storing is cleared after reset.


WUDD index value
WUDD "label" "string"
WUDD "label" value

Write value to UDD at the location index, or write value or string to a labeled variable.

  • index: 0 – 6000 ( 0 - 600 before AMC 9.01)
  • label: 1 - 16 characters label (alpha numeric), must start with alphabetic characters (a-z, A-Z). No space allowed. 30 labels available, cleared on reset.
  • value: 32 bit value (16 bit value before AMC 9.03)
  • string: 1-128 characters string


WUDD 8 4321           - Write value 4321 to variable 8
WUDD %1.phy %2.dir    - Write the directory number of the 'Related To' station to the location identified by the physical number of the event 'Owner'
WUDD "LastAlarm" "Alarm from %1.nam"
LOG "%UDD(LastAlarm)"
WUDD "myPhyNumber" %1.phy
LOG "My phy = %UDD(myPhyNumber)"

Received in 28-External Data Input:

WUDD "RadioRef" "%scutf(%edi, +,2)"
WUDD "RadioAddr" "%scutf(%edi, +,3)"

Used in event trigger:

EDO "%UDD(RadioAddr) %UDD(RadioRef) 32144\x0D\x0A"

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