AlphaCom 12.05 - Release Notes

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This article provides the release notes for AlphaSys 12.5 with incremental bug fix release.

Software in production: AMC

Note: For each software version the NVRAM version is listed. If the NVRAM version is different, the AlphaCom InterCom configuration will get default configuration, and then you must do a SendAll from AlphaPro to restore the configuration. All AlphaWeb configuration will be kept.


Release info

Name: bsp_32.00.3.1_AS_12.5.3.0.apkg
Description: This software includes both AlphaSys and BSP
AlphaSys software only runs on AMC 11 hardware and require use of STIC
NVRAM Version: 12.5
Date: 29.05.2018
Status: General Availability

  • NOTE: NVRAM config is kept if upgrading from a previous 12.x version
Deamon Versions
DSP 01.20
DSPDRV 02.11
FPGA 01.68
RTPD 01.20
SIPD 02.19

New Features

SNOW-143 Exigo Network Amplifiers (ENA) now available in AlphaCom

  • It is possible to include the amplifier channels in group calls etc.
  • Two audio output channels. Each amplifier output channel is registered as individual physical stations
  • One input channel for program distribution streaming, registered as individual physical station. Channel can be disabled.
  • The function requires VSF-Turbine version or newer on the ENA amplifiers

High Bandwidth Audio Codec Support

  • High Bandwidth Audio can be sent between Turbine kits and Exigo amplifiers, allows for audio distribution up to 20kHz
  • High Bandwidth Audio Codec selection added as parameter to program source feature 118 (Link AlphaWiki : Program Source Feature)

New Event Handler Station Fault Event

  • Station Fault Event (43)
  • Exigo Network Amplifiers fault codes reported as sub events. (Link AlphaWiki - Event 43)
  • New event handler macro "%sfg(group)", Used for checking if any fault reported in a group of station. (%sfg -> AlphaWiki link)

New licenses for Exigo Network Amplifiers

  • "Exigo Amplifier Channel license": One license required per output and input channel used.
    • 2-channel amplifiers can mirror the channels so that only one license is required
    • Enabled Input audio channel will require one "Exigo Amplifier Channel license".
  • The configurable audio input channel will requre a Exigo Amplifier configured with an audio input channel.
  • "High Bandwidth Audio License": Global license which enables high audio bandwidth for Exigo amplifiers and Turbine kits.

SNOW-269 Automatic Conversion from Previous NVRAM Version

AlphaSys upgrade to 12.5.x.x from an earlier AlphaSys versions 12.x.x.x, will convert the InterCom configuration to 12.5.

  • Note 1: State data will be lost.
  • Note 2: Downgrading from 12.5 to previous versions, the InterCom configuration will be lost.


MTN-1738 AlphaCom not Rejecting SIP SDP Streams According to RFC3264

The correct behavior is now Implemented SIP daemon:

  • RFC3264: To reject an offered stream, the port number in the corresponding stream in the answer MUST be set to zero.

MTN-1839 SX Conference with SIP station as Default Member

If a SIP stations used as default member of SX conference is rejecting the INVITE message, the SX conference status could block the conference. Fixed with removing the default member from the conference when rejection received. The SIP station will not be included in the conference until next SX setup.

MTN-1848 Ringing Group - Ringing File Starts to Play Continuously When Call is Terminated

In the case of answering a ringing group call by lifting the handset, the ringing would restart after call is terminated. Fixed.

MTN-392 Using DAK as C-Key Makes the IP DualDisplay Unresponsive for up to 15 Seconds

Using the combination of DAK strings with "C press" and "T" (text info), the stations would not respond to incoming calls and hang for 15 seconds. Fixed.

MTN-1118 AlphaWeb: Station Upgrade Menu Shows Multiple Entries of same Station

Introduction of multiple channel registration from one physical station could in some situations list several entries of the station in AlphaWeb upgrade menu. Now only one entry from each physical station is listed.

MTN-1400 AlphaWeb: Syslog Configuration: Entering More than one Word in the Log Filter Stops all Logging

It is now possible to use space in the Syslog filter configuration of AlphaWeb.

MTN-1403 AlphaWeb: Field for IP Address in Downloaded Station List is Wrong

The IP address of stations currently not registered would get the IP address of the previous station in the list. Fixed.

  • IP currently not registered, will now have an empty IP address ("-") in the downloaded CSV list.

MTN-1424 AlphaWeb: Station Configuration Jumps Back to First Page after Every Change

The AlphaWeb station configuration list now stays on the same page after applying station configuration.

MTN-1663 Missing Characters when $STM is used in Received Mail OFF Event

An Internal buffer of AlphaCom was not large enough to store all parameters in some situation. The internal buffer is increased to support "worst case" parameters for $STM.

MTN-1668 SX Conference with Group Exclusion Causes Error Message

The cause of the error message is now removed.

MTN-1687 System Status Event 27/231 is not Reported

IPHA sub event 231 of the System Status Event (27) was not reported correctly on AlphaSys - 4 software. Fixed.

MTN-1722 Stations in Duplex Conference get Idle Display after some Time

All station display text is refreshed approx. every 10 hours. Due to a state fault, stations that were active in regular call, open duplex conference or initiator of group call for a long time would at some point be updated with idle text. Fixed.

MTN-1747 Not Possible to use Feature 111 (Stored Voice Message) Together with $GM (Group message)

It is now possible to use messages related to feature "Stored Voice Message 111" as parameter to the $GROUP_MSG command.

MTN-1749 AlphaWeb: System Configuration > Messaging: "Play", "Stop" Buttons not Working

The buttons "Play", "Stop" and "Select for Upload" is now removed from the AlphaWeb Message upload page.

MTN-1780 The AMC-IP run LED stops Flashing when Calling ITSV with DND Enabled

It is now not allowed to turn off the board busy indicator for the AMC card.

MTN-1819 Large Amounts of "Could not send SIP Message" in the Debug Syslog

In cases of faulty IP configuration, the Syslog reporting of "Could not send SIP message" is now reduced. Additional information about the cause of the fault is added to the syslog message.


MTN-1743 New Sub Events on Event (39) "Additional Call Info"

  • Busy notify sub event: 96
  • Busy override sub event: 107

MTN-929 AlphaWeb: No Response if Uploading a Large Wav Message File

Fixed an issue caused by uploading to large message files. The user will now get an error message: "File to large".

MTN-1263 AlphaWeb: Message Upload: Hash Value for Wav File Uploaded

The uploaded message list now shows a unique hash value for each wav file. The hash value can be used to verify that same wav file is uploaded to multiple AMC cards.

MTN-1277 SIP Trunk Stations Should Only Use Trunk License

SIP trunk stations now allocate SIP trunk license when in call. Previously each configured SIP trunk station required a SIP station license.

  • For customers using SIP trunk stations, previously used SIP station licenses will not be used after upgrade.
  • The maximum number of simultaneous SIP trunk stations in call, will relate to the number of SIP trunk licenses in the system.

Please consult Customer Service if SIP station licenses needed to be converted to SIP trunk licenses.

AlphaWeb banner and favicon are now updated with new VS logo.

MTN-1671 Exigo - ACM Integration: Slow Switch Over of Audio if Exigo A Controller Goes Down

In a Exigo - ACM integration where the A controller fails, the ACM monitoring of Exigo used 70 seconds to switch from A to B audio. Now the timeout is apporx 15 seconds. Requires monitoring of SIP trunk.

SNOW-382 AlphaWeb: IP Station Upgrade Now Allows vsft-packages

The filtering of allowed naming for Turbine images is now simplified. New rule:

  • Image with the name "*.bin" is an INCA image
  • All other are Turbine

Known Issues

MTN-1898 The IP station Display Text Overwritten by the Clock

In some situations the clock update will overwrite the current display text.

  • SX conference initiated using the $CONF message
  • Call request queue of in CRM station mode, The number of messages is overwritten by the clock text