Turbine 4.11 - Release notes

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Release info

This document provides the release notes for VSF-Turbine 4.11 with incremental bug fix releases. The release notes for VSF-Turbine is describing the changes from VSFT-Turbine

Name: VSF-Turbine
Description: VSF-Turbine is a firmware archive for all Turbine Family Intercom stations including devices: TCIS-x, TKIS-2, TCIV-x, TMIS-x, TFIE-x, TKIE-x, TFIX-x, ECPIR-3P, IP-LCM unit, ENA-2060AC, Exigo IP speakers and Exigo Network Amplifiers (AlphaCom mode only).
Version: The firmware is delivered in two different ZIP archives:

  • vsft-4.11.3.x - Used for standard in-field upgrades
  • vsft-prod-4.11.3.x - Used in production- and recovery upgrades.

Date: 28.03.2019
Status: General Availability


New Features - Turbine Intercom

SNOW-496 IP Station support for RFC3891 SIP "Replaces" Header

The IP Station (Turbine and INCA) now support Reinvite / INVITE with replaces, which is quite common function used in SIP environments. The needed function is described in RFC3891.

SNOW-818 Keep-alive for improved VoIP NAT traversal

NAT keep-alive is a feature that sends very tiny UDP data packets from a VoIP client to the router to show that the port is still in use. Turbine and INCA are now sending keep-alives every 25 seconds if have enabled "NAT Keep Alive" under Call Settings.

SNOW-330 IP Multicast audio support for Pulse Intercom

Turbine and INCA IP intercom stations now support IP multicast audio when configured in Pulse mode. Previously, only SIP mode was supported. Up to 10 multicast IP addresses can be configured.

SNOW-192 Chinese font on Turbine OLED display

Turbine now supports Chinese language characters with new font package. New vsf-chinese-font_x.x.x.x_armel.ipk package is made, which can be installed on the turbine (download can be found on our Wiki)

SNOW-871 TCIV-5 firmware support

Turbine firmware now supports a new TCIV-5 Turbine IP station model.

SNOW-1165 Image quality improvements for TCIV

Low-level optimizations were made for AEWB engine (Automatic Exposure and White Balancing) resulting in following image quality improvements: Better low-light performance, Better overall color accuracy and contrast, Smoother dynamic dark-light transitions.

SNOW-83 ONVIF Profile-S support on TCIV

TCIV now fully supports and is compliant with ONVIF Profile-S specification. As a standard in the industry, Profile-S can be used to integrate with a variety of VMS and NVR products.

SNOW-1166 RTSP support for TCIV video stream

RTSP is an industry standard network control protocol for establishing and controlling media streams. TCIV now comes with a full support for RTSP video streams.

SNOW-1169 Dual stream functionality on TCIV

TCIV now supports dual-streaming functionality where two independent video streams can be separately initiated and controlled. Streams can be configured with different protocols (SIP, RTSP, ONVIF, HTTP), different codec and resolution, and are both lip-synced if audio and video is being used - using the industry standard RTCP protocol.

SNOW-1167 RTSP audio stream support for all Turbine devices

RTSP is an industry standard network control protocol for establishing and controlling media streams. All Turbine intercom devices and kits now fully support RTSP for outgoing audio streams.

SNOW-1168 Lip-sync of Audio and Video on TCIV

Audio and Video streams initiated using ONVIF or RTSP protocols are lip-synced for both streaming and recording, implemented using the industry standard RTP Control Protocol (RTCP).

SNOW-1013 Pulse systems can now be integrated with Exigo system

Using the SIP interface on Exigo systems allows for integration both ways to pulse systems. Exigo or newer required.

SNOW-2301 Added "Stop Message" as an audio message option

"Stop Message" can be used to stop other audio messages. It has the same options as other audio messages.

New Features - Exigo Amplifiers

SNOW-1014 Exigo Amplifiers now support distributed automatic volume controllers

Distributed Automatic Volume Controllers are TKIS-2 kits which measures background noise in an area and can adjust the volume settings for an amplifier or IP speaker so that the audio is audiable above the noise

SNOW-1012 ENA2100-AC is now supported in Alphacom systems

  • Advanced line monitoring and Lets supported
  • Hardware audio bypass supported
  • 2 control outputs with 200mA@24Vdc each
  • 2 control inputs
  • Supported in Exigo mode and Alphacom systems

Bugfixes and Improvements - Turbine Intercom

MTN-2257 Audio Input Source option removed for Compact Turbine stations

Audio Input Source configuration option was removed for Compact Turbine stations because they don't have a physical Line In connector, so this configuration option did not have any effect on them.

MTN-1527 IP Multicast Audio audible interruptions

It was possible to hear audible effects during IP Multicast audio playback, and with a relatively high interval rate. This is now fixed.

MTN-1930 TFIE-6 does not display AlphaCom status-messages in Idle

AlphaCom status messages did not work correctly on TFIE-6. For example, it was not possible to see if a TFIE-6 is forwarded(71,72) or marked absent(77x).

MTN-2258 ECPIR-3P M-key does not perform key-release action

ECPIR-3P M-key would not allow to exit the call if DAK In call was configured to exit on the M-key release

MTN-1974 Sound detection on Turbine is not triggered properly

Sound Detection is never triggered on, but "DAK off" is reported. Fixed

MTN-1498 Group call fails after Pulse Server reboots and takes ~ 5 min to work again

The registration information is now properly stored in the Pulse server and Group call shall work immediately after server restart.

MTN-2314 Using overlap dialing started ringing audio message for each digit pressed

When dialing on keyboard using overlap dialing, the ringing audio message would get executed for each digit pressed instead of only when call actually was ringing.

MTN-2313 Audio message executes twice when ringing

If you configure an audio message to play during ringing, it will start playing, then shortly after restart again. This is now fixed.

MTN-2259 Configured PTT\M-Key action when using EMMAR-1H

When using EMMAR-1H the DAK call configuration for M/PPT key couldn't be initialized if the In call button configuration for the M/PTT was End call

MTN-2342 Issue with using "&" character in display text on TCIV-6 and TCIS-6

Now it is possible to use the "&" symbol as part of the display text on TCIV-6 and TCIS-6.

MTN-2122 In HD Audio mode the station would report missing RTP

In HD Audio mode the station would incorrectly report missing RTP when it is meant to only send audio. This has been fixed.

MTN-2086 AEC Performance Improvements - Reduced Echo Artifacts

By tuning the Acoustic Echo Cancellation algorithm options we have reduced the level of produced Echo artifacts on Turbine stations at high-level speaker outputs.

MTN-2274 Using ZAP to set volume did not work

ZAP can now be used to set volume for amplifiers and Turbine

MTN-2341 Custom frontboard configuration now supports up to 11 DAK keys, from previous 8.

All 11 physical DAK keys can now be configured when custom frontobard is used.

MTN-2085 Far-End signal limiter on Turbine

Far-End signal Limiter filter is designed to avoid powerful Far-End signal bringing the station to PoE shutdown as well as try to avoid Far-End Signal clipping and distortions.

MTN-2019 TCIV displays incorrect default image resolution for MJPEG HTTP

When opening HTTP MJPEG video stream in a web browser (http://IP-Address:8090) the video is displayed in smaller resolution then a defined default of 480p., this is now fixed by properly applying configured resolution.

SNOW-313 RTSP support for TCIV H.264 stream (AlphaCom)

Added RTSP H.264 support on ITSV-1 to initiate video stream from TCIV in AlphaCom mode

SNOW-887 Video setup mode "Cisco" removed

Due to the fixes in video stream FPS stability the "Cisco" video setup mode was made obsolete and therefore removed from StationWeb options

Bugfixes and Improvements - Exigo Amplifiers

MTN-2246 Suspend monitoring not always working for ENA in AlphaCom

Certain directory number configurations could previously stop suspend monitoring from working when using Exigo network amplifiers (ENA) in AlphaCom mode. This has been fixed.

Security fixes and improvements

MTN-2366 Basic MJPEG HTTP authentication should be enabled by default

Now the option to Enable basic HTTP authentication for HTTP MJPEG is enabled by default.

MTN-2102 Password on Pulse server Directory settings shown as plain text

Password on Pulse server Directory settings page was displayed as plain text. Now it is displayed as standard HTML password field.

Known Issues

MTN-2363 Factory reset does not delete uploaded Script

All uploaded scripts should also be removed on Factory reset

MTN-2362 H.264 RTSP stream in UDP mode can display small artifacts at the bottom of the stream

H.264 RTSP stream in UDP mode can display small artifacts at the bottom of the stream.

MTN-2361 TCIV H264 stream does not work in Honeywell Maxpro NVR

RTSP H.264 does not work in Honeywell Maxpro NVR, workaround is to use MJPEG RTSP stream

MTN-2360 Client side forwarding does not work in SIP mode

Client side forwarding, which can be configured as a DAK action or activated from INCA display menu, does not work in SIP mode. Workaround is to use SIP server side forwarding.

MTN-2359 Stream is not always established in Pelco VideoExpert VMS version 3.0 or newer

Stream is not always established in Pelco VideoExpert VMS version 3.0 or newer, workaround is to follow all the steps described here when adding TCIV station to Pelco VideoExpert

MTN-2358 Making a point-to-point call during High priority Group call will drop group call audio.

When 2 stations establish a point-to-point call during High priority Group call, they will no longer receive audio from current High priority group call.

MTN-2356 SNMP not working properly on TCIV under high CPU load

SNMP is not working properly on TCIV under high CPU load, which means that SNMP traps and inform messages can be sent with delay, or not be sent at all. This only happens if TCIV is placed under very high load, under normal operating conditions SNMP function without any issues.

MTN-2339 Group call chime is not played on 3rd party SIP stations

Group call chime (WAV file) is not played on third party SIP devices when Group Call is set over multicast IP address.

MTN-2312 Turbine devices not booting completely

If a Turbine device has gotten a IP address from a DHCP server, and then reboots without contact to the DHCP server, the Turbine will go into cyclic reboot until it gets in contact with DHCP server again.

Workaround: Make sure a DHCP server is available or factory reset with static IP address.

MTN-2074 TKIE-3 keyboard matrix Vol Up/Down not working

On the TKIE-3 in AlphaCom mode with keyboard matrix the Volume UP (J9-5 and J9-7) and Volume DOWN (J9-5 and J9-6) is not working. Other keys are functional.

MTN-1073 Group call fails if system previously configured with ZAP

If system was configured with ZAP (VS-IMT Pulse SDK project) and then switched to XML configuration by deleting data.lua file, it is possible that Group Calls shall not work. A workaround is that (1) data.lua file is deleted from all stations including Pulse server - this will reboot stations, and (2) after reboot go to Server configuration -> Save + Apply - this will again reboot all stations.


New Features - Turbine Intercom

SNOW-421 Advanced GPO configuration for Pulse and SIP

Turbine now has option to use standard Relay configuration or use the new and more Advanced GPO (output) configuration.

SNOW-1011 IP-LCM support in SIP, Pulse and Alphacom

IP-LCM is now supported in SIP, Pulse and Alphacom systems. This device has:

  • 8 robust high power relays
  • 8 robust inputs
  • Powered via the TKIS-2 kit with PoE, PoE inject or external power supply
  • All connections and features from the TKIS-2 kit available

New Features - Exigo Amplifiers

SNOW-595 Exigo Network Amplifiers can now fall back to routing line input in cases where servers are unavailable

Bugfixes and Improvements - Turbine Intercom

MTN-1709 Fault led on all Turbine industrial stations, Turbine EX stations and Exigo Access panels can now be configured with custom behavior in Alphacom

SNOW-319 TKIE-3 support in Turbine firmware

TKIE-3 is now supported in Turbine firmware

SNOW-321 Implement Distributed AVC in SIP Mode

All "Turbine Devices" can be AVC Source (Ambient audio listener) or AVC destination.

SNOW-328 Adjust volume using SIP OPTIONS with X-Header

It is now possible to adjust volume using SIP OPTIONS with x-header by adding x-volume-level-override. The function will override the configured station volume

SNOW-552 Syslog support

Turbine now supports logging to the syslog server. Up to 3 syslog server destinations are supported

SNOW-592 AGC for line/mic in

Automatic Gain Control now works for Line/Mic in depending on configured input selection

SNOW-1173 New call functions in SIP

It is now possible to put call on hold or defer a call using DAK configuration

Bugfixes and Improvements - Exigo Amplifiers

SNOW-340 ENA2060 Line Monitoring improved

Changes made to line monitoring of ENA2060 to make it more robust

SNOW-183 SNMP Traps on Exigo amplifiers

Device status and fault messages can be sent as SNMP Traps.

SNOW-562 ENA-2060 does not report disabled channel

ENA2060 will now correctly report channel state when one of the channels are disabled manually

SNOW-111 Detailed channel state in SNMP MIB

Detailed information about the actual state of the audio channel is now included in the SNMP MIB.

SNOW-703 Trap support for CI on ENA2060

Control inputs on ENA2060 can now generate a trap for SNMP with a custom message.