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The %udd macro is used in the Event Handler to read the value of an UDD (User Defined Data variable). Text formatting parameters can be added at the end.
From AMC 11.02 also alphanumeric labeling can be used. Alphanumeric labeling will be cleared after reset.



Returns the content of UDD at the location index.

  • index: 0 – 6000 ( 0 - 600 before AMC 9.01)
  • label: 1 - 16 characters alphanumeric label, no space, must start with a - z, A - Z. 30 labels available.


%udd(8)           - Returns the content of UDD variable 8
%udd(%1.phy)      - Returns the content of UDD variable in indexed by the physical number of the event 'Owner'
%udd(myLabel)     - Return string/value of UDD label myLabel. (wudd "myLabel" "Hello World")

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Applications were UDD are used:

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