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The ASVP module is equivalent to the ASVP - AlphaCom Stored Voice Playback Board running as as SW module on the AMC-IP - AlphaCom Processor Board. Like the ASVP board, up to 8 different messages can be played back simultanously.

The ASVP module supports composing a voicemessage on the run by using sequences of voice files, and also composing parameterized messages. Parameterized messages can be used to pronounce numbers, dates and times from SW control.


  • Use of ASVP module will require SW license key, discussed later.
  • ASVP voice packages (language specific) are uploaded via AlphaWeb.
  • The ASVP voice packages replace the current ASVP binary voice-files. Zenitel (or subsidiaries / dealers) maintain the standard ASVP packages, one for each language. For this release, the existing ASVP voice packages will just be repackaged to the new format.

For now, AlphaWeb only support upload, and activation of complete ASVP packages.

ASVP message package

Files from a ASVP message package are stored under a separate folder

  • /opt/voice/ASVP/

An ASVP message package is a collection of .wav files, and a ASVP description file in text format. This makes it possible for “experts” to customize individual messages (using FTP), but there will not be any user interface for doing this in this release.

The ASVP description file maps Message Group / Message Individ numbers to .wav files. ASVP description file also contains the scripts for composing parameterized messages.

Language packages

Language packages are named after the ISO_639-1 code for the language

da Danish
de German
en English
fi Finnish
fr French
it Italian
ko Korean
no Norwegian
sv Swedish
chn Chinese

The names are used in the file names like this (using English as the example):

  • /opt/voice/asvp/asvp_en.des: The ASVP description file
  • /opt/voice/asvp/wav/en/: The directory where the English wav files are stored.

Implementation on AMC

The package install scripts set a softlink /opt/voice/asvp/asvp_active.des, to point to the actual ASVP DES-file.

AMCD calls a program /opt/amc/bin/svp_des2bin to translate the ASVP description to a binary description file, with the name /opt/voice/ASVP/asvp_des.bin. AMCD compare filedates every second, and run svp_des2bin if /opt/voice/ASVP/asvp_des.bin is out-of-date.

/opt/amc/bin/svp_des2bin is based on the AlphaVoc PC program. But instead of embedding the referenced wav files into a large file as ADPCM, svp_des2bin just stores the filenames. So the asvp_des.bin contains the same information as the input description file, only packed to efficient binary tables.