ASVP package

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An ASVP package is a set of ASVP messages for the ASVP Module function, packed as an AlphaCom E Software package, and uploaded via AlphaWeb. Zenitel provides one ASVP package for each supported language.

The WAV files are stored in Microsoft ADPCM format.

Language packages are named after the ISO_639-1 code for the language.

  • da Danish
  • de German
  • en English
  • fi Finnish
  • fr French
  • it Italian
  • ko Korean
  • no Norwegian
  • sv Swedish
  • chn Chinese

Upload of a ASVP package replaces any previously installed ASVP package. Upload or change of single messages in ASVP a ASVP package is not possible from AlphaWeb. Instead, the AlphaVoC 2 toolchain must be use to produce a new (custom) ASVP package.

On the AMC-IP the package is unpacked to individual WAV files and the ASVP DES-file. The fearless may customize the files on in AlphaCom using FTP, but this is not supported by Zenitel.