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This document is discontinued from AlphaCom XE Release (AlphaCom Version 11)

For information about the AlphaCom XE Software packages see AlphaCom Package (APKG)

The AlphaCom software is uploaded and installed by software packages in AlphaWeb. A software package is a compressed file with files to update on the target.

Some AlphaCom software packages will depend on the Board Support Package which includes the linux kernel, linux libraries etc. The main version (i.e the linux kernel) of the Board Support Package is only upgradable through a FLASH image process. However a Board Support Package can be patched with a new library etc.

Software Packages

Up until and including package AlphaSys 10.51 all AMC software releated files, AlphaWeb, rmd, m100d and system patches was included in one package file. From AlphaSys 10.52 the files are splitted into several packages. An improved packages compatibility system is also added from package AlphaSys 10.51

Package Files

Package Name (file prefix) First Version (Date) Current Version (Date) Description
AlphaSystem (alpha_sys) 10.00 (2006-06-01) 10.54 (2009-06-04) All AMC releated software and AlphaWeb
AlphaSupport (alpha_support) 01.00 (2008-xx-xx) 01.00 (2008-xx-xx) Linux system files, libraries, webserver etc. (Board Support Package patch)
AlphaDaemons (alpha_daemons) 01.00 (2008-xx-xx) 01.00 (2008-xx-xx) Other AlphaCom Daemons - rmd, m100d
AlphaBilling (alpha_billing) 01.00 (2008-xx-xx) 01.00 (2008-xx-xx) Billing Software, absd, Billing Web etc

Package Dependencies

Each package will have a dependency on the installed Board Support Package on the target, and in some cases also from the previously installed AlphaSys version. From AlphaSys version 10.44 these dependencies will be stored inside the packages, and AlphaWeb will test dependencies before allowing to install the package on the target.

AlphaSys Package Dependency table

Package Version Range AlphaSys Dependency Board Support Dependency
10.00 - 10.43 10.00 02.03
10.44 - xx.xx 10.43 02.03

NOTE! It will not be possible to install package from AlphaSys 10.44 and above on systems with package 10.42 and below. You will need install 10.43 before continuing to higher versions. A mechanism for blocking installation of package>=10.44 on package<=10.42 is implemented, but it is not possible to make a good message to the user since these package already are made. The user will get an 'corrupted package' message.

AlphaSupport Package Dependency table

Support Package Version Board Support Dependency
02.07* 02.06
03.02* 03.01
04.01* 04.00
05.01* 05.00

AlphaDemons Package Dependency table

Package Version Range AlphaSys Dependency Board Support Dependency
01.00 - xx.xx 10.43 02.03

AlphaBilling Package Dependency table

Package Version Range AlphaSys Dependency Board Support Dependency
01.00 - xx.xx 10.43 05.00

AlphaWeb Package Compatibility Test

When selecting an uploaded file in AlphaWeb the package content will be verified, and compatibility issues with the installed software will be checked. If compatibility issues the install button in AlphaWeb will be removed.

A package info table will be presented comparing the selected and installed software. The row Board Support (AlphaSys) Compatibility presents both the required AlphaSys package, and Board Support package. If there is some compatiblity issues the data cells for the row will be colored red, and a warning text will be presented bellow the table. In addition a 'Tooltip' text can be presented when moving the cursor over the data cell in the table. This text will fetched from the package info file within the package. This allows a customized text for each package generated (See figure below).

Screenshot AlphaWeb Upgrade Compability.JPG