AlphaNet Link (Event Type)

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Event description

Event Owner: Station number 1 (fixed)
Event type: 29 - AlphaNet Link
Subevent: The remote node number
When change to ON: When the AlphaNet link is reported UP
When change to OFF: When the AlphaNet link is reported DOWN
When related to: (Not used)

Available from AMC software version 10.01.

Additional information

  • Sub-event = 255 means "wildcard", and the node number can be read by the parameter %sev
  • In case of Alternative Routing:
    • If there are two direct routes to the destination node, this event will be triggered every time one of the links to the destination node goes up or down.
    • Only links to the neighbouring node is reported. If there is an alternative route via a 'transit node', it is the link to the 'transit node' which is reported.


Send message to System Log:

Example 1: Send AlphaNet status to the System log for all AlphaNet links connected to this exchange

Send text message to Station 1:

Example 2: Send a text message to station 1 when an AlphaNet link goes down