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The [[ENA2060-DC1_Amplifier|'''ENA2060''']] amplifier has the option to monitor each speaker line to detect line faults such as '''Open''', '''Shorted''' or '''Ground Fault'''. <br>
The '''[[ENA2060 Amplifier|ENA2060]]''' amplifier has the option to monitor each speaker line to detect line faults such as '''Open''', '''Shorted''' or '''Ground Fault'''. <br>
To configure Speaker Line Monitoring:
To configure Speaker Line Monitoring:

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The ENA2060 amplifier has the option to monitor each speaker line to detect line faults such as Open, Shorted or Ground Fault.
To configure Speaker Line Monitoring:

  • Select Amplifier Settings > Line Control
Line Control

After the speaker line is set up with all the speakers and the line is properly connected to the amplifier, the speaker line that is to be monitored must be calibrated.
When calibration is carried out, the amplifier makes an initial measurement of the speaker line to check whether the line load is within acceptable limits.
The calibration values are used as a reference and are compared with later speaker line measurements for any significant changes that will cause line fault reporting.
After the calibration, the speaker line load must not be changed, or else false fault messages may be reported.

Channel 1/Channel 2 options:

  • Channel Enabled will disable/enable selected channel, this shutdowns/starts channel amplifier.
  • Master Volume in dB changes channel volume for digital audio
  • Monitor Mode can be Disabled, Manual for manual monitor triggering and Continuous for continuous monitoring
    • To get access to monitoring configuration options, either type of monitoring has to be enabled
    • In Manual Monitoring mode, the status of the line must be manually checked
    • In Continuous Monitoring mode, the status of the line is checked every 60 minutes. This includes changing status from ok to fault and from fault to ok.
  • Line Monitoring Speaker Line monitoring Enable/Disable.

To calibrate a speaker line:

  1. Select Monitor Mode either Continuous or Manual
  2. Enable Line Monitoring
  3. Click the Calibrate button
  4. Ensure the Calibrated status is displaying calibrated. Unknown, Short or Open status will not allow the speaker monitoring to start.

Line In options:

  • Line In Type selects which input is used for audio input: Line Input or Microphone.
  • Impedance changes line in impedance. Options are "600 Ohms" or "High".
  • Gain changes line in gain (0 - 47 dB)
  • Phantom Microphone (only available when Line In Type is Microphone Input) enables phantom power for microphone

The four benchmarks for the evaluation of line state is Voltage, Current, Phase and Ground Fault.

The values measured on Voltage, Current and Phase will together provide an evaluation of the line state regarding whether it is Shorted, Open or OK.

Typical SLM values for a 100 m line with 15W speaker load, calibrated values and various Shorted, Open and Ground Fault situations are as follows:

Calibration OK Shorted @ENA Shorted @100M Open @ENA Open @100M Ground Fault
Voltage 985 403 403 780 1015 400..1500
Current 1045 1370 1365 435 1065 400..1500
Phase 1075 765 925 1545 975 400..1500
Ground Fault 405 405 405 405 405 1580