ENA2060 Amplifier

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ENA2060-DC amplifier

The ENA2060 Network Amplifier for Rolling Stock incorporates SIP-addressable loudspeaker loops that enable the use of the same software for handling both Passenger Emergency Intercom / Crew Communication and Public Address (PA), as well as the required Train Radio Integration, thus eliminating one entire subsystem from the solution.
This results in a well-integrated system with less complexity and more functionality, while the use of open standards offers freedom of choice when it comes to future upgrades and supply.

2 different ENA2060 models exist.

  • ENA2060-DC1 uses a 110 VDC power source
  • ENA2060-DC2 uses a 24-48 VDC power source

Installation, Mounting and Dimensions


Software Upgrade

The ENA2060 amplifier is a "Turbine" device, and the software is upgraded in the same way as Turbine Intercom stations.

Load Factory Default values:

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