TFTP Provisioning (SIP)

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When used in SIP mode, an IP station may be set up to automatically pull configuration from a TFTP server. The IP address of this TFTP server can be obtained using DHCP procedures or be manually configured.

Remote provisioning is only applicable for IP Stations in SIP mode. When a station receives configuration via TFTP provisioning it will automatically switch to SIP mode.

Before you start the automatic configuration procedure, you need to create a configuration file. The relevant parameters for SIP, Call and SNMP in the configuration file are described in Configuration File Parameters for SIP Provisioning.

To carry out automatic configuration from the station web server:

  1. Start the TFTP server program and set the server path by browsing to the directory where the configuration file is located.
  2. Log on to the SIP station web server.
  3. Select Advanced SIP > Updates
Check TFTP server every 40 minutes for Configuration Updates

4. Under Configuration Updates select the radio-button for Automatic
5. Either select the radio-button for From DHCP or enter the IP address of the TFTP server (e.g. your PC IP address)
6. Under Automatic Update Interval enter the interval in minutes for checking updates. The value must be between 1 and 999 and the default setting is 60.
7. Click Save configuration for “Updates

The station will then contact the TFTP server and run the configuration file to carry out the configuration procedure according to the set time interval.