MRBD - Relay Board

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The MRBD board - 1009970200


  • Equipped with 6 dual changeover relays and relay drivers
  • Powered by +24 VDC
  • Connector for 6 RCOs + 2 GND reference signals
  • Connects to the AlphaCom Subscriber Connection Board through a 1:1 cable
  • Fastens onto mounting rail in AlphaCom exchange
  • Relay switching capacity: 125VDC/AC, 1.25A.
    • 1,25A is maximum carrying current, maximum switching current at 125VAC is 0,5A. (approx. 60W).

Additional Documentation

Connectors and Switches

Connectors and switches on MRBD board

The jumpers S1-S6 determine if the RCO should be activated by a high or low level. High level is used in AlphaCom system, while low level was used in the previous TouchLine generation of intercom system.


AlphaCom XE7

In the XE7 the cable is connected to the 8-pin pinheader labeled RCO 1-6 or RCO 7-12.

  • An ASLT board in board position 1 is required to operate RCO 1 - 6.
  • An ASLT board in board position 2 is required to operate RCO 7 - 12.
Connection of MRBD in an AlphaCom XE7

AlphaCom XE20/26

Connection of MRBD in an AlphaCom XE20

In an AlphaCom XE26 the 24VDC power is provided by the Power Distribution Board PDB.

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