Adding additional relay(s) to a Zenitel IP Device

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MRBD - Multi Relay Board (1009970200)

Most Zenitel IP Stations and Devices are equipped with 6 I/O's which, when set as outputs, can be used together with the conventional Multi Relay Board (MRBD) to give up to 6 additional relay contacts.

The relays on the MRBD are double pole, double throw (DPDT) contacts.


  • Hardware: The Turbine station must be produced week 37 of 2012 or later.
  • Software: The Turbine Station must have sw version TCIS- or newer.

MRBD Jumper Settings

The MRBD has 6 jumpers (S1-S6) which determines if the relay should be triggered on active "high" signal or active "low" signal. When used with a Zenitel IP Device, the associated jumper must be set to "TouchLine" as indicated in the drawing below.

MRBD Jumper Settings: Set to "TouchLine" when used with Zenitel Devices


The MRBD must be powered by an external 24VDC power supply.

The same power supply must be connected also to the Zenitel IP device, regardless if it is powered by PoE or not.

Connect the power and I/Os according to the below drawing:

Connection diagram

See Turbine Compact series board connectors for more details on Turbine Compact connections.

Warning icon
  • The MRBD board and the Zenitel IP Device must be powered from the same 24VDC power supply, regardless if the Device is powered by PoE or not.
  • The reason is that if the Device is powered by PoE only, all relays will be activated if the PoE power disappears while the MRBD is still powered from the 24VDC power supply

Device Web configuration

The Zenitel Device must be configured to register to the ICX-AlphaCom in the standard way. In addition the I/O's used with the MRBD must be set to Outputs.

Log on to the Device and navigate to Advanced AlphaCom -> I/O Settings.

Set the I/O('s) that are connected to the MRBD as Output.

In the Device web interface, set the required I/O's as outputs

AlphaPro configuration

The outputs of the Zenitel Device must be mapped to logical RCO's (Remote Control Output). This is done from AlphaPro. In Exchange & System -> RCO select a free RCO.

  • RCO Type: Change to Station.
  • Station: Enter the physical number of the Zenitel Device
  • Pin Number: Enter the output (1-6) to be related to that logical RCO
Output 1 of station 33 (Directory number 133) is mapped to logical RCO 34

The logical RCO's are controlled from the Event Handler. Configuration examples:

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