This Category contains documents describing stations and their properties. There are 4 different categories of stations when we sort them by technology:

  • Turbine stations: A range of IP based intercom stations that offers incomparable audio quality providing HD voice. The Turbine series has an exclusive design and comes with 37 intercom variants offering communication solutions for all environments including building security, industry and infrastructure.
  • INCA stations: A range of IP intercom stations based on a technology of the INCA processor from Infineon.
  • Analog 4-wire stations: A wide range of high quality intercom stations using the proprietary 4-wire station interface provided by the ASLT board.
  • Analog 2-wire stations: A range of DTMF type telephones using standard 2-wire telephone line technology provided by the ATLB-12 board.
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Turbine Stations (IP) INCA Stations (IP) 4-wire Stations (Analogue)


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