Tamper and Vandal Proof Station - 1007063000

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100 7063 000 station

The Tamper and Vandal Proof Station - 1007063000 is an analog intercom station. It is connected to an ASLT line card in an AlphaCom XE7, AlphaCom XE20 or AlphaCom XE26 server using 2 pairs of wires.


  • Analogue intercom station specially designed for prison and correctional facilities
  • Advanced safety solution including scream, assault and tamper alarms
  • Vandal proof design with 2.5 mm steel front, sensor buttons, microphone/speaker protection and water resistant
  • Music distribution with volume control
  • Integrated light signaling system
  • Integrated cell light button and switch
  • Programmable I/O ports for controlling door status, lamps, TV sets, sensors and more
  • Redundant backup for power and signaling

Connections and configuration

Installation overview

Note icon The station should not be exposed to humid environment or water drops. Due to the way in which sensor keys operate, the Vandal and Tamper Proof Stations 1007061000 and 1007063000 do not always work reliably when these stations are put into a humid or wet environment. See the description of Sensor Keys for more details.

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