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The Sensor Key set 1007060110 is available for use with the Feature Station Kit 1007060100. This kit can be used to manufacture stations equivalent to Zenitel’s own Tamper and Vandal Proof Stations 1007061000 and 1007063000, but with a customised front plate. The same keys are used in the stations 1007061000 and 1007063000.

There are 10 keys in a set.

Sensor keys and humidity

Sensor keys operate on the fact that the capacitance changes when touched. Normal operation is defined for use in a dry environment and touching by bare fingers. By changing the trigger level it is possible to modify the operational environment to suit different uses, but the result is always a trade-off. Through AlphaPro it is possible to set the sensitivity of the key sensing electronic circuit to ‘high’ and ‘low’:

  • High sensitivity allows the use of sanitary or latex gloves on the sensor keys.
  • Low sensitivity allows the use of mechanical push buttons. This setting is also usable if the station, equipped with sensor keys, is located in an area with high humidity, for instance just outside a shower area; with the high sensitivity setting the station would generate random calls. Gloves cannot be used at all.

Drops of water alter the measured capacitance of the sensor keys significantly, very often resulting in the triggering of a call. Use of these keys outside, especially if there is a chance that raindrops can fall on the keys, is therefore not advisable and it is better to equip a station for outside use with mechanical tamper proof buttons. If it is an absolute requirement that a station for outside use is equipped with sensor keys it is imperative that no water drops can be present on the station.

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