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Turbine Industry - EX


  • Ex IP intercom for potentially explosive atmospheres - Directive 2014/34/EU
  • Ethernet compatible 2-wire interface (FCDC-3)
  • Dust- and water-protected to IP66
  • ONVIF Compatible
  • Visible status indicators on front panel
  • Input power supply 24V-48Vdc SELV approved (48Vdc recommended)
  • Separate amplifier for external loudspeaker (25W/8ohm). 48Vdc input power needed.
  • Signal relay for external beacon (SELV approved power supply needed)
  • 2 freely programmable inputs

TFIX-V2 Speaker and Beacon

Getting started


The station can operate in three different modes, depending on what kind of server the station should register to. Choose one of the links below according to what mode you need to configure.

Restore Factory Defaults and Software Upgrade

Connectors, Indicators and Dimensions


Software and Hardware Requirements

  • This station is fully supported as from AlphaCom version
  • Flowire FCDC-3 is required at central location

Note icon
  • FCDC-1 and FCDC-2 are not supported.
  • TFIX-2-V2 is supported from software version Do not attempt to downgrade to software below!

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